Good about HVAC repairs

I have learned the reasons why apartments become vacant so often, and people are always moving.  It seems many of them want to get their own homes, so they are in charge of their own destiny. I plan on getting my own home, because I am always having trouble with the appliances and the HVAC.  The air conditioning is rough, because we usually only have trouble with it when there is a heat wave. I call the landlord and ask her to get a HVAC technician in to look at the AC unit, but she is a busy lady.  She own several apartment complexes, When she says it will be done soon, that is usually a week away. I don’t want to go a full week without air conditioning. I wanted to have my air conditioning as soon as possible, by my standards and not hers.  The one time, I spent a week waiting for someone to repair my HVAC and it was only an issue with the thermostat. I am beginning a search for a condo that I can buy. I want to be in charge of all of the appliances and not at a landlords mercy. I know that there are a lot of expenses that go with property ownership, but at least I can make decisions without asking permission and my HVAC will always be working in a very short time.   I will either be able to repair the HVAC on my own, or I can call a HVAC contractor immediately; one who will show up the same day, and get my heating or air conditioning up and running again in a few hours and not weeks.

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