Can’t focus with no a/c

I have a horrible time when it comes to deadline.  It’s not that I miss them, it’s just that I procrastinate so much that I am in a rush to get my work done, at the last minute.  It is my last year in graduate school and I just want to be done and get on with my love. There is just this one last project that needs completed, and I seem to not care if it is finished or not.  Last night I was dreaming that I had an apartment in Borders. I lived there so that I the perfect air conditioning so I felt like I could get my work done. I was surrounded by the books that I need and I had a small bed right in the middle of the research department.  I had the air conditioning coming out of the air vents and whenever I began to fall asleep, I would get a blast of frigid air coming from the air vents. A voice was coming from the air conditioner telling me that my time was dwindling. Now I am wondering what I am going to do, because the air conditioning in my apartment went out.  I was going to go to Borders, but the HVAC is being redone, and there isn’t any air conditioning in there either. I would still go to Borders if it weren’t for the noise level of the HVAC workers. As much as I hate to do it, I may have no choice but to sit my hot apartment and get my paper done for school. Maybe my procrastinating side will lessen as I get older, but I somehow doubt it.

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