I stopped listening

My dad typically warned me to keep up with my appliances! He told me that it was so important to be proactive with the appliances to save myself trouble.  He really believed that by doing a repair check, I could avoid trouble in the long run. I typically rolled my eyes at my dad when he started lecturing me about this–I usually stopped listening after hearing, “If you don’t check your heating…” When I moved into my own home, I avoided these lectures like the plague.  I wish I had listened to him, though, because I might have avoided some trouble. When my dad did his annual heating and AC system lecture, I lied as well as said that my heating and AC equipment was already evaluated. He usually backs off after I tell this little white lie. Only, it turned out to be much larger than a white lie… In the middle of the coldest winter season evening, I woke up to a cold house.  I could literally see my breath! I was so exhausted that I was confused. My normal reaction was to turn up the thermostat, only it wasn’t working anymore. My furnace was literally broken. I called my dad freaking out, so of course, he asked if I did my annual repair check. I had to confess. He seemed irritated that I lied to him, although he picked me up. I spent the rest of the evening with my parents. A heating and AC maintenance worker came by the next day. She informed me that this could have been avoided if I had done my annual check.  They would have noticed that a small piece was broken. I learned my lesson; I will really listen to my dad from now on.

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