This air quality is horrible

We all have mixed memories of our high school days. Some of us may have been the popular kids, while others were the nerds with no friends. In my case, high school was a total nightmare. I came into high school weighing over 230 pounds, and being 5 ft tall. My stubby, fat physique naturally made me a target of jokes from the mean classmates, but what really secured my lack of friends was my endless sweating. It was awful! No matter how hard I tried, I was always too hot and would pour sweat, making me sticky and carrying a foul odor. I would come home from school each day, frustrated and upset, only able to take comfort in the air conditioned house I lived in with my parents. Freshman year was the same, and I got better in my grades as I could spend all the time I wanted in the library or in class reading up on each subject.Then sophomore year brought me a bit of luck and I grew almost six inches, and again in junior year I grew even more. By senior year, with a combination of exercise and the ever-expanding bones in my body, I was three inches shy of six feet tall, and had lost 25 pounds. Still, throughout my high school days, I never fell short on my studies as I loved being in the air conditioning more than anything!

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