This reputation is an issue

I own a small repair shop in town, and we do pretty much almost any handyman work. For the most part, over the course of the five years we’ve been in business we have had wonderful customers. Recently, thanks to the internet, we have been subject to several shady business propositions by someone posing as a representative from a local school. They said that the school had made a decision to replace their HVAC system and wanted to do business with a small local place instead of a large corporate HVAC dealer. We were looking forward to the project because it would most likely give our company the economical and advertising boost it needed. Thankfully, my secretary was suspicious about the deal and contacted the school right away to get some answers. The superintendent said that he had never heard anything concerning a replacement or the person that had contacted us. Apparently, the person was looking for us to order the parts to the system so that we is stuck with them. They would then visit and try and purchase them for a deeply discounted price to “help us out”. This person had tried to pull this on several small businesses in the neighborhood and we were relieved that we found out before ordering the parts. Small companies tend to get excited about big projects so some people try and take advantage of this. Now that every business is reachable via the web, it is easier to find and scam us. We learned a very beneficial lesson from this. We now make certain to check up on any customers just like they check us out online for much of our reputation.

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