I’m happy about this heater

I just moved into a new rental house, it’s a 3 story building and which has a basement,  we got it for a fair deal. I am going to move in with my special other and our youngsters next week, as soon as the landlord is done with the few repairs, The people before us  had lived there for nearly a couple of decades apparently. They had made several changes to the home, some of which without the landlord’s agreement; However, since they stayed there for so long, the Owner just never found out about these renovations, until now. The bizarre thing about the home is the basement without a doubt. The previous owner had  designed a custom pool in the basement. The pool even has its own installation: heating system, pump, plus filtration. The owner was regularly surprised as why the heating bills for the building were so high, however since the tenants had never complained nor requested to have the heating system serviced, he never thought further about it. They had relaxed in a nice heated pool for years in the basement of a rented home and the landlord had no clue! Now, I have wonder if we’d keep the basement pool or ask the landlord remodeling it. The landlord said that the we are welcome to choose whatever we prefer. He would rather just leave the pool as is because it is less costly, even though I don’t entirely see the need of having a heated pool in our basement, especially since it’ll push up our energy monthly costs. Anyhow, the it now kinda freaks me out!

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