WIFI and televisions

Our county just had the worst snow storm in a long time.  We lost power a while ago and it looks like it will be a while before it gets back on. Luckily, they set up an emergency response center at the elementary school so that the people could rest on cots and eat a warm meal. Thank goodness for that because I am not sure that my husband and I could survive at the house all this time.  My husband did remember to shut off the main valve for the water supply before the we left plus he had me open all the faucets. This way, if the home gets too chilly we wouldn’t come home to broken pipes. All things considered, it all worked out great! There was no WIFI, TVs, or laptops to distract my husband and I and we spent our afternoons playing board games and meeting new people. My husband  even met someone that told him about a new volunteer program at the local museum. It is funny how something like the loss of electricity and heat can turn out to be a fantastic thing after all. It was almost disappointing when we got the call that we could return home. When we got home, my husband had to relight the pilot for the gas furnace. The home warmed only took about 21 minutes to warm up,  and it was really nice to be in our own beds again. Rest assured, I have already been digging out our old board games and made arrangements for our new pals to come over next weekend.

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