These gases keep coming in

I have been a longtime homeowner and have had to face all sorts of repairs and repair complications throughout the years. Up until recently the worst instance was when the roof had to be replaced. It’s crazy because most horror stories you hear about roofs wearing out involves small leaks that accumulate over a period of time into greater leaks. In our case, it was a full on failure and almost cave-in over the course of merely a week. It was a super rainy Spring that year and I’m not sure if the rain aided to accelerate the process or not, despite the fact that I do suppose that our roof went from just a tiny leak to almost caved in especially fast. The cost was especially staggering and I had to take out a new mortgage to cover the cost. That experience, for being as heartbreaking as it was, was nothing on a psychological level to finding out your dwelling is full of Radon gas. For those not in the know, Radon gas has no smell and is invisible. It is a radioactive material that seeps out of the Earth in a gaseous form. It gets into your dwelling through any cracks or holes you might have in the foundation of your home. Over time it will spread out filling your basement and lower levels of your dwelling. It’s known to cause lung cancer with lengthened exposure. I honestly believe that short description nicely implies why I was so freaked out over the high levels of Radon in my dwelling. Fortunately for us, Radon mitigation is fairly cheap and incredibly easy to have done.

radon gas removal 

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