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I have owned my dwelling for over twenty years plus after all that time it is finally time to say goodbye to this old place. I am getting older, retiring, plus preparing to move down south where the weather is way more hospitable to an aging frame. I want whoever buys my dwelling from me to be someone who is sincerely interested in making it their home as well. This place means the world to me plus seeing it get flipped plus turned into apartments would not be good. I have had a couple fair offers so far from family oriented people looking for a place to call home. One offer seemed like it was going to go through, however when they had an inspection done radon gas was discovered in the dwelling. This was astonishing to me because I had an inspection just 3 years prior plus everything was great. I hired a radon removal service to come in plus deal with the situation. It took a bit of work, however finally, a crack in the foundation was found behind the gas furnace. It wasn’t that big which meant it was a small leak. The crack was sealed up plus after running the fans with open windows plus doors for a few hours there has been no radon detected since that time. Unluckily, that customer backed out of the deal, however there is at least one other prospective customer who really wishes to find a nice dwelling for their family. It might sound like I am trying to get more than I should, however I want this dwelling to remain a home for whoever decides to buy the place.

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