I hate the cold weather

My college held a sizable graduation ceremony last Thursday. It was planned out to be an amazing event! They even asked me to be among the keynote speakers. I had never been asked to do something quite like this, but I agreed wholeheartedly. It was very exciting! The day before the big event, I went to the local mall to choose the best suit & tie I could find. I wanted to be ready! That night my heater stopped working, & I barely got any sleep at all because my house was so chilly! I called up a local Heating & A/C company the following afternoon to get a tech out to my house.Unfortunately, were booked solid, so it seemed as if my heater would remain broken all weekend! I was at the end of my rope. I remembered that my cousin Pete was pretty handy, so I called him up for some Heating & A/C counsel. Maybe he knew how to repair a heater. I explained the issue to Pete with as much of the little details as I could, & he seemed to think he knew what was wrong with it, and he said he could swing by my house later on that day to take a look at my heater. I was so cheerful that my heater was going to be fixed. Unfortunately, there was a chance I would miss my graduation. Thankfully, my cousin was able to get the heater fixed about an hour and a half before I had to be at my graduation; What amazing timing that was! My graduation went great, & I was able to come home to a heater that was working great.

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