A high crime area

Finally, after years of slaving away in warehouses plus factories, I have been able to scrape together enough currency to purchase a corner store. Though that might seem like a different option of business to get into, I can see the possibilities in it. First off, there are no other corner stores for ten square blocks from the location… That makes it prime shopping for people on their way home, to work, or for who forgot an item at the grocery store. There’s also a hefty beer plus wine selection for those looking to have a night celebration. It even has a little deli area where I can make subs, pizza, plus other easy things for those on the move.

              The only thing I’ll need to install upon purchase is a modern security system. The current owner is an older man, plus he doesn’t like using security alarms. He would rather catch someone stealing plus give them a reprimand for their trouble. It’s an admirable mentality, but a bit old fashioned.

            I am going for something with video surveillance plus CCTV. This way, I’ll have a record of a crime if it happens, plus will be able to show the thieves identity. It is not that this is a high crime area, but when it comes to targets for those who love to steal with smaller things, a corner store is a prime  target. I might also opt for the automated lights that go on whenever anybody gets too close. That plus the alarm should be enough to keep crime to a minimum.

CCTV system 

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