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Several months ago, the people I live with and a few of my friends were honestly given quite an opportunity to do something really good. Our school set us up with a summer program, that paid us to help foreign children learn the English alphabet. It was honestly quite an adventure for the people and a few of my friends. There were several cool conversations that we could talk about, and some of the children honestly told us a lot of stories. When the people I was with and some of my friends performed this several week task, our outdoor temperatures were hot and humid. It was the summertime season, and around here the temperatures can be excruciating Lee warm. Our air conditioning plant helps to make sure that we could honestly be comfortable, while spending 4 to 6 hours every afternoon teaching the kids. There were several days when our air conditioning plan it seemed like it might not make it through the hot afternoon, but the people I was with and myself tried to bear with the problems. After we finished our summer project with the school, the people I was with and myself were able to make several changes to our furnace and air conditioning plan. The first thing we did was upgrade the air conditioning plan, and add a small mini split heating and air conditioning plant in the office. That was the best new edition that came from the money that we had made during that entire time of teaching the kids. Giving back to the world makes everyone feel good.


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