Wow it’s hot in here

My partner and I have been giving a lot of thought to purchasing a central heating and air conditioning system. We have been happy with our boiler system, but now that we are retired, we are focused more on upgrading to a central air unit that is low maintenance and less costly to operate. We are, also, looking the cost to replace the air ducts.  They were installed before I was born, and I am afraid they might collapse after we put a new system in. I am tired of looking at the rusty, old, corroded, air vents on the ceiling and would like them replaced. The window AC units that we have are way too heavy for us to install or remove from the windows, nowadays. We actually don’t use our air conditioner very often, so I’d hate to waste money on something we would barely use. We probably would only use a cooling system for about 6 weeks during the summertime, when the temperatures rise to 82 degrees or above. We live at a high elevation level on a mountain, where we enjoy cool breezes with very little humidity. Since wintertime lasts about 75% of the year, we are more likely to use a heating system. We have been looking on the internet, requesting quotes, and discussing our alternatives. We know we can’t afford a huge expense because we are on a fixed income and might move to a smaller home in the downtown area.  Also, we have concerns about our potential home buyers and whether they would like the new system.

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