that repair was pretty easy

My wife and I spent way more money in remodelling our home, than we ever imagined.  Our bathroom surpassed the amount we thought we were going to spend on the complete project.  The computer room project was another headache, but it wasn’t nearly as high-priced as the bathroom.  We loved the multi-split HVAC system that we installed in place of a traditional central air conditioning unit.  We were so over looking at the messed up heating strips and air ducts that were going nowhere. I am an electrician and if I never have to rewire something again, that would be fine with me. We lived in our townhouse for 15 years and never realized how poorly it was built until we started removing the heating radiator strips.  Our home was ripped apart. We replaced all the walls and ceilings, and we never got to do the family room, which was our original job. We decided that since my wife had been asking for a new exhaust hood for over the stove, that would be our next job. It seemed straight-forward enough. All we would need to do is remove the screws, take out the old exhaust fan, and put the new one in its place. That should have been easy, right?  We were wrong. I wished that we never started the project because it was such a pain in the neck. We should have known that it would be another nightmare. The ventilation system went to nowhere, and we had to replace all of the wiring. Then we ended up having to redo the wall behind it, because it was crusted with grease and, you guessed it, mold.

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