The system could kick on any time

A few afternoons ago my fiancé came home from work and started to complain about how extreme hot the temperature in the home was.  I had been in the home all day so I assumed I fail to notice how hot it had gotten in the house.  I told him that I have the air conditioner turned on, however, I did not remember the system kicking on recently. But, I told him, it really due to kick on anytime.   He said,  “it better”  while starting to grump about how the window component air conditioner was merely  a year old and that it should  not have problems concerns already.  Sure enough, twenty seconds later the air conditioner still had not kicked on so now both of us began to realize that there was something wrong with the air conditioner system.  Thankfully, my fiancé was able to turn it on manually so both of us were able to get the home cooled off.  Luckily for both of us we had purchased an extended warranty plus a service agreement plan when we purchased the window air conditioner component from our local Heating plus Air Conditioning business.  The next day, my fiancé took the air conditioner component to work with him to drop it off at the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier for them to take a look at the system. My fiancée  was not ecstatic about the possibility  of  having to purchase a new unit, however when he dropped off the air conditioner component,  the guy at the Heating plus Air Conditioning shop told him that everything would be covered by the extended warranty including  the service agreement reassuring that any potential bills would be minimal. Therefore, I am so grateful that both of us had decided to purchase the extended warranty plus the service agreement.

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