I can tell there are issues

I woke up perspiring and feeling uncomfortable.  I had felt hot during the middle of the night, but I just threw the blankets off of myself and felt back to sleep.  However, once the sun came up, it became extremely hot in the house.  I am not one of those people that needs to have the temperature control in the 60’s, however, waking up in a very hot house and perspiring is unacceptable. So I went over to the thermostat to see what the temperature read, and was shocked to see it so high.  Of course, the first thing I did was checking to ensure that it the appliance in the “cooling” mode in case a family member accidently changed the setting.  Since there were no visible issues with my A/C, I opened my windows and situated myself in front of a fan while exploring some Internet research in an attempt to find a solution to my A/C problems.  Through my Internet research, I learned  that a Heating in addition to Air Conditioning method consists of a furnace, an A/C, ductwork, plus a fan connected to the ductwork, plus the thermostat controls  controls  these elements by signaling them to turn on or off,  based on the programmed settings of the thermostat. Then I found the best A/C website that told me to check the electrical box first. Following up this advice, I realized then that the breakers had tripped and that there was nothing wrong with my A/C.  I was quite content when I got the A/C going again and during the next A/C failure I will always check the breakers first!

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