A broken air conditioner

I had a flight planned a week ago so that I could go out to visit family who lived a couple of states away. For me, flying was the most cost effective means of traveling to get me there in an acceptable amount of time. Although the plane was scheduled to leave at 1 PM, I arrived a couple of hours early to ensure I had enough time to get my luggage checked, be processed, plus find my terminal. However, the plane did not depart until closer to 4 PM. Everyone was able to board the plane on time, but then we had to wait an exceptionally long amount of time before we were given a report that the plane’s cooling system was acting up and that they were waiting for it to be repaired before we could take off. That sounded strange to me, as my own A/C vent had been blasting a wonderful stream of cool air on me ever since I first boarded.  Maybe there was another part of the plane was experiencing troubles with their cooling system vents. That’s what I thought until I happened to glance out my window and saw a ring of dark smoke rising from one of the plane’s wings! That clearly wasn’t an issue with the cooling system, but I realized this diversion was probably done to keep all of the passengers calm and to avoid any sort of panic. No one would be concerned flying in a plane that had to have its cooling system fixed prior to taking off, but they might not be so sure taking off in a plane that just had a major mechanical repair. I only wish they had been more honest, although I understand where they were coming from. A little white lie about a broken A/C isn’t a big deal. Not to mention the plane eventually took off and made the trip without any troubles.

AC tune-up 

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