I can’t break my bad habits

I am the type of guy who gets into a routine and sticks with it. I actually don’t enjoy any type of changes at all; That is genuinely why I found myself in a rut last week. I had been doing my exercise routine in the evenings, and it was making me tired and short of breath for some reason. I decided to try and switch my exercise regime to the morning at the advice of my doctor. It worked wonders! I began to suspect that my problems were caused by our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. I know that must sound crazy.When I exercised in the evening, I relied on my a/c to keep me cool. I had found myself overly exhausted and had difficulty breathing. When I exercised in the day, I didn’t need a cooling system at all. I decided to call up an HVAC serviceman to test my theory. The HVAC serviceman came over to our house and evaluated the HVAC duct and air filter. He found a large amount of mold in the HVAC duct. The air filter was also completely filthy. He told me that was most likely why I was having such trouble with my breathing. The mold trapped in my HVAC system can be terribly dangerous to your health. I was so ecstatic that I decided to switch my routine. If I didn’t, I may have not discovered our HVAC system malady until it was too late! Luckily, the HVAC serviceman was able to scrub out all of the HVAC duct, and he showed me how straight-forward it is to change out the air filter.

HVAC filter 

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