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After I got married, my partner and I decided it would be the perfect time for us to move out to her parents’ farm together, which she had inherited from her parents when they moved closer to the big city for convenience. This was my first time in such a rural area, and it took some adjustment, although I grew to love it. I really enjoyed tending to the cows and growing my own small vegetable garden out back. However, both of us soon realized that during the time the farm was unoccupied, it had become infested with rats. To fight the infestation, we got ourselves several barn cats. Within the month we were seeing fewer and fewer rats. I loved having the cats around since I was raised surrounded by them. The cats lived out in the barn rather than in our house, and they seemed pleased with that arrangement. However, to ensure their comfort, I strongly urged that new HVAC equipment be installed to supply heating and cooling in the barn when needed. The temperature changed pretty drastically over the year, and while I guess cats can be very resilient creatures, it just didn’t seem right to house them in the barn without air or and heat when our own home had temperature control. It didn’t seem fair not to give the same comforts to the barn cats as we inside. So, of course, my partner obliged, and she bought a large HVAC system to supply our sweet barn kitties with the heat and cool air they rightfully deserved. They were loyal little workers, wiping out our mouse troubles, and it was only right that they get rewarded for all of their good work.

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