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I wonder about my family occasionally, nay, often. We all have interesting quirks, you might say, but some other people might refer to this as a family history of mental illness. It’s a matter of opinion if you ask me. My family doesn’t seem to see it that way, but that’s why it was so wild the other afternoon when my mom honestly told me she had recognized that she had anxiety concerns… I almost soiled my pants in astonishment! I’ve known this my whole life, and she just realized that it isn’t normal to have 1,000 racing thoughts per second. It’s also not normal to live without heat because you’re too anxious to call a new professional Heating, Ventilation, and A/C dealership. You see, several years ago my mom’s normal heating and cooling business passed away, but ever since, she has been without any professional ventilation repair or routine service, because she is convinced that no other shop on the planet will be as great as Ernie’s. It’s a pretty stubborn anxiety, considering she was willing to endure an awful Midwest Winter without regular HVAC system this past year. When er central heating program broke down in December, she didn’t tell anyone. Instead, she loaded up with electric space heaters, and froze in her empty house. Over the holidays I came up to visit and realized within 3 minutes that my mom was in need of some help. Clearly she could not find her own ventilation specialist, and she was going to burn the house down with all of those extra space heaters. Eventually, I got her out of the house and during that time my brother arrived to let in a professional. The best part of the story, his heating and cooling dealership was only a few miles down the street.

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