My new home

My husband’s family is quite unusual. His parents are literally rocket scientists, as well as his brother is going to college to be a doctor. He, on the other hand, is a Musical professor, and as you might imagine, there are some tense family relations at moments. His brother is a bit of a goody two shoes, as well as he always gets all of the attention of his parents. Furthermore it doesn’t help matters that he’s also quite skilled at complaining, no matter the circumstances, however he claims he’s just “sensitive” as well as “particular,” but it seems to be about a lot of hogwash to me. So we decided to test our theory out recently, leveraging our own HVAC idea to challenge his complaining skills. His family was set to visit us for the weekend, so as always I was scrambling to scrub up the home as well as make it as comfortable as possible, but of course, this included decreasing the control unit to the perfect temperature settings in order to maximize our indoor comfort levels. I even had the A/C fully inspected by a pro HVAC shop the week leading up to the visit, so we would have the highest quality air possible. We then knew, but that it wouldn’t matter, no matter how carefully we set the control unit or inspected the HVAC system his brother was not going to be satisfied. Because he was going to say something. Sure enough, he made it about 10 minutes into the visit before the big scene. He came downstairs, wrapped in 20 pounds of clothing, shivering hysterically, as well as rubbing his hands together. He then claimed to be suffering an drastic hypothermia attack, as well as asked if the control unit could be adjusted higher. Of course, I said lovingly, as well as pretending to change the control unit settings without altering a thing. Sure enough, within more than one minute, he claimed the temperature was warmer as well as settled down again… until a little later where it was of course too hot for him.


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