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Can you recall those “bring your parent to school” days of your childhood? As I was growing up, there were 2 or 3 days in elementary school each year where students brought a parent or guardian to the class. The parent or guardian would then speak about his or her career or occupation. I remember those days quite fondly. Often times, both of my parents would come to school to speak, as they worked together in town with the local heating and cooling supply company they founded. My mom ran the operational side of the business and my dad worked as the local HVAC professional. I remember being eager to show off my parents’ presentation about heating and cooling. My mom would speak about the types of services that their heating and cooling company provided and my dad would discuss the sort of training necessary to certify as an HVAC professional. Then they would each ask children in the class what they knew about heating and cooling. Most children knew about air conditioners, furnaces and boilers, but some knew little about the subject. My parents would give each of the children their business card, hoping that they would pass them along to their parents. Today, my brother and I run the old family HVAC business. We have expanded the company considerably and now service nearly three counties! We are proud to be licensed HVAC technicians and happy to be afforded the opportunity to continue our parents’ work today!

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