Can they help me out?

Not long ago, I narrowly escaped an avoidable financial loss. The thermostat in my house was seemingly acting up, and of course, I immediately assumed the worst possible conclusion. I was absolutely certain there was something wrong with my entire HVAC system, and that it was probably my furnace. It made no difference that I had bought the furnace within the last five years and that I had the whole thing recently serviced by a local heating and cooling company. I was sure that the furnace had become completely unusable. The thermostat in the living room was indicating that the temperature inside was sixty-five degrees, when I knew for certain that it was a great deal hotter than that. I was totally convinced that something was faulty with my five year old furnace. Perhaps it was overheating? I finally realized that I did not really know how to change the air filter. Would I be capable of learning how to change the filter online? Did I know any friends who would be free to lend a hand? What if the problem has not been the air filter? How expensive was a heating and cooling repair going to cost? I was freaking out over the potential implications and the price. That was when I noticed that the temperature reading on the thermostat has been stuck at sixty-five degrees, and that it had been that way for a few days. I checked the thermostat, it just needed new batteries. Gratefully, I escaped the price tag on the HVAC service call, that’s for certain!

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