Keeping the furnace on

I’m sitting at home trying to get some task done, even though I am being lured away by the sound of the rain outside. Have you ever noticed that even though it is morning, when it is raining outside you just want to sleep? I know it’s good that my brain is alert, even if my eyeballs don’t want to cooperate.  It is just sixty-two degrees outside, but I decided to turn on the A/C. The great thing about that is that it helps to wake me up. I can’t sleep when the temperature is too low, which is odd, as I regularly have a fan on with the air conditioning whenever I go to bed. By day, the cold air from the A/C keeps me awake, but at night, the A/C puts me to sleep. Today I would like to go outside and play in the rain or maybe go for a walk, but it is only May and the rain is still uncomfortably cold and icy.  My spouse just turned on the heating, because there is a chill through the house. He thinks I am crazy for turning on the A/C on a day such as this. I closed the door to the office, so he wouldn’t be disturbed by it. I heard him chuckle when he heard the door shut. I know if he wants to have the gas furnace running, that is up to him. That is why I put a ductless HVAC unit in our office. No matter what the rest of the home feels like, I can have my own personal comfort. I can go from cool to heating in the same day if that is what I want, and it doesn’t affect anyone but me!

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