Fixing the cooling unit

Last month, our son had just graduated from Heating, Ventilation and A/C school, and he was anxious to finally have something fix. My spouse was going to get rid of the outdated window unit that we had in our bedroom upstairs, but he figured he would let Mike work on it instead. Although it wasn’t an A/C model that he had ever seen, Mike still did his best to repair it.  He had all of the pieces removed, and was ready to work on the condenser unit when he realized that he had lost a tool. He was looking all over for this one little testing tool that he had got while he was in school. He dug through all of the A/C parts he had removed, and even looked into the A/C unit itself but couldn’t find it. He apologized, and said that he wasn’t sure how to repair the A/C. He was clearly sad about the testing tool he had lost. Since we planned on replacing the antiquated A/C unit anyway, it wasn’t that big of a deal. Michael went to his room and I knew he was focused on finding the HVAC testing tool that he had misplaced.  I was doing laundry downstairs when the air conditioner turned on. I assumed it was the central AC, but the sound was coming from directly above me where my bedroom is. I went upstairs to tell him his tool wasn’t in the washer, and he held a small meter out to me. He had left it in his locker at the school, and went back to get it.

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