I need a HVAC system

My sibling has this animal menagerie in their house.  They have two rooms that are set aside for just their cats.  I know that is all your nose can detect even before you get into the house. However, I don’t enjoy cats.  They have dedicated their entire basement to the cats, and they have two family rooms that now also belong to the cats.  They purchased couches for the rooms and they have scratching posts that were specially made for each of their twenty-or-so cats.  Last month, he was telling my mom that their HVAC system broke and they needed to get a new a unit. Mom told him that he could stay with them until they got their heating back, since it was winter.  My sibling started to laugh and he said that it wasn’t the HVAC for the house, but the HVAC for the cats. She thought he was mad. She couldn’t believe that he would work that hard just to put a HVAC unit into a space of the house for cats.  He said if that was what his fiance wanted, then that was what she got. He was talking to my husband about helping to install the new ductless HVAC system that he had found. He liked that it was high up on the wall, and it wouldn’t terrify the cats or the new kittens they had.  I saw my husband hesitate and look at me, and I gave him a nod. He knew that however he answered, I was behind him. He said he was tied up and wasn’t able to go over this weekend. However I knew it was just because he hated cats.

heater tune-up 

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