I should put an air conditioner in

Ever since my cousin Marty moved away from our little neighborhood to the big city, he has been dying for me to join him, but he is constantly telling me about how luxurious his rental home is, and that he has a space set aside for me when the time is right. He really believes I am wasting my life in the small town, and that I won’t really beginning to grow until I transfer away… I suppose he is projecting, but after a while he got to me, and I decided to give it a try. I showed up on his doorstep, wanting to surprise him, but I was the a one who got surprised when I found his huge luxurious apartment was a tiny apartment with no A/C! Marty had talked a good game, but the truth was he needed a roommate to help him with expenses so he could get his heating plus air conditioning system up and running again… Located in a certainly large apartment building, the place had heating oozing through the walls at all times of afternoon and evening. It was not even from the oil furnace, it was the warmth caused by the body heat of hundreds of dwellers. Spending more than a few hours in that place, with no kind of cooling or natural ventilation, was actually exhausting. The first thing the two of us did was to pool our cash and buy a used portable A/C component from a pawn shop down the street. It wasn’t as a good as central cooling system in the apartment, but it was better than having nothing.

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