We were told not to go outside

My husband works in the emergency room of our local hospital and he sees some pretty out there stuff. One of the things that I always recall is the afternoon he said he had a guy come in with frostbite all over his arm! I remember thinking how weird it was that anyone would have a problem with frostbite since it was the middle of August. My husband explained that the patient was an heating and cooling specialist from our local heating and cooling company. The heating and cooling specialist told my husband how he & some other workers from his company had been really working on a job for a hotel that afternoon, and he was up on the roof of the hotel removing the gauges from one those huge rooftop air conditioners. You know, those large air conditioners that are industrial strength? Those things are giant and can cool off entire floors of hotels and convention centers all at the same time! Well, the HVAC specialist had removed the gauges when all of a sudden the discharge valve on the HVAC compressor popped, but and that’s what ended up giving him frostbite all over his entire right hand and his arm! Once he made it over to the emergency room, my husband was able to treat the frostbite. The doctors are optimistic and are thinking that the HVAC contractor will make a full recovery soon. Who would have ever thought that making repairs to an HVAC unit could be so dangerous!

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