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My wife and I decided to remodel our basement a few months ago. We both wanted to be able to use the basement as a recreational area, which meant remodeling the whole downstairs area. My wife and I chose the perfect flooring, and we chose different paint colors for every one of the areas downstairs. Since the stairs in the basement we’re always creaking and cracking, we decided to have a new set of stairs installed. Last Wednesday morning, our contractor began working on the stairs. A three hours into his demolition, our furnace started sputtering. I wanted to go downstairs to look at the furnace, but there were no stairs to get to the basement any longer. I had to walk up outside of the house and around the entire yard, in order to get into the basement from our storm doors. The storm doors had not been opened in a very long time, and they were nearly rusted closed. By the time I got into the basement to check out the furnace, it had completely stopped working. I contacted the neighborhood furnace repair shop, and shared with them about our strange ordeal. I also informed them that it would be a pain to get to the furnace, so they could be ready. By the time the furnace repair company arrived, it was already starting to get chilly inside our home. Luckily, the furnace repair only took about a couple of hours. It took four days for the contractors to finish our stairsteps, and we were glad to experience no further problems with our furnace that week.

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