Testing things out

Our neighbor Brian just isn’t the smartest guy in the world, and he comes up with some deranged ideas, but just about every time, he’s trying to save himself some money. I keep telling him that if you just pay for a professional to do things in the beginning, you’ll easily legitimately save yourself money in the long run, but Dan is just so cheap that he can’t see the logic in that. Last year, Brian wanted to install an air conditioner unit up in his loft above his garage. He was all about doing it the DIY way, so he asked a couple of his pals to come over to help him out, so they worked on the air conditioner all afternoon & then after they watched a couple of YouTube videos, they decided that they were done with the task they’d done, and to celebrate Brian’s new air conditioner, they went out for beer & pizza while they left the new air conditioner unit running full blast to “test it out.” I recognize Brian should’ve diagnosed the air conditioner while he was still at home, because he & his pals neglected to attach the condensation drain on his new unit. This led to a bunch of water running down from the overhead vents in the garage, down into the drywall & through the ceiling. Water from the air conditioner drain also ran down onto Brian’s new motorcycle and helmets, which he had foolishly stored upside down. It even killed his stereo radio that he had stored on a garage shelf close to the ceiling. Sometimes I seriously worry about Brian. When he finally got home and seen the damage, he looked at us and said, “You know, maybe I should’ve called an HVAC contractor to begin with?”

HVAC service plan 

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