A lot of air is coming through the vent

A few years back during the Summer, our HVAC system stopped working. It was just blowing hot air instead of cold air! Hot air in your air conditioning vents won’t exactly work when it’s almost 95 degrees outside when your home’s interior temperature is hot and muggy. We kept turning the thermostat down to try to lower the temperature inside, but it never helped. The two of us started doing some research to figure out why the vents were only blowing out hot air! One of the things we did was to check on our outdoor HVAC system itself. We were absolutely on the lookout for grass clippings, and apparently, whenever our son had been doing the mowing out back, he hadn’t been using the bagger the way we had told him to. Therefore, the grass clippings had gotten into the blades – sometime called fins –  of the fan in the outdoor air conditioning unit and it started slowing down. After a few sessions of mowing, the blades got completely clogged up with grass, dirt, plus debris. Once we figured out what the problem was, we made the decision to go out with a soft brush to clean the outside air conditioning unit. After that, we stopped having the hot air blowing in through the vents, which was a great thing! Especially since it was almost 95 degrees outside!

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