That heater did cost me a lot of money

I just found the perfect birthday gift for my husband! I was doing some research online about great gifts for dads and I came across something called a “Smart Thermostat.” I had never even heard of these things before, however apparently they are a new innovation in heating and cooling technology and they sound awesome! One of these smart thermostat devices can program itself to the homeowner’s temperature preferences, which ends up saving you lots of cash on electric bills related to heating and cooling your home, and since my husband is constantly annoyed with our high electric bills, I guess this smart thermostat thing might be worth a try. I mean, what harm can it do? I’m planning to call our local HVAC dealer next week to have them send a contractor out to see if the thermostat will be compatible with our existing HVAC system. I’m hoping that it will work, because if it will, I’m going to schedule the installation as soon as possible, and this smart thermostat can even keep a detailed history of energy usage and it will supply you a weekly report! My husband would just love that. I can hear him now, calling a weekly family meeting to go over our HVAC costs. Yep, a smart thermostat is particularly right up his alley. As a matter of fact, it might be the best gift I’ve ever had for him! It absolutely beats cologne!

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