Room a/c is gone

To help celebrate my birthday, my friends and I pitched in for a hotel room and planned a big night on the town. We had no way of knowing what a bad series of events that night held in wait!  First, two of my friends left their ID cards at home. We had to drive almost an hour back and forth to get them. Then, when we finally headed out to the club we had heard so much about, we got lost trying to find it.  When we finally got to the club and started walking up to it, cop cars and an ambulance pulled up, sirens blaring, because someone had stabbed a guy over a pool game that went bad. We thought that the night couldn’t get any worse until we headed back to our hotel room only to find out that the HVAC unit had broken while we were out.  All we wanted to do was hang out and drink some wine, but we couldn’t because of the heat. We called the front desk and unfortunately, since it was around midnight, we couldn’t get a repairman to the room until the morning. They offered us a different room where the air conditioned was working and we were at least thankful for that. We stayed up a while longer since the cool air gave us a blast of energy despite the craziness of the night.  Overall, the night was fun because I had my best friends with me. After all the failed plans, we agreed that next time we would have to plan a trip to a better hotel on a beach somewhere instead of nightclubs.

cooling repair

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