Huge HVAC systems

So what’s the deal with the HVAC system that they install in large department stores?  Doesn’t anyone actually plan out the systems when they are installed? It seems that it doesn’t matter where you go, the temperature within the store fluctuates wildly as you make your way through these stores.  It can be very cold on one side of the store and feel hot and stuffy on the other. I realize that there is a massive amount of square footage that needs to be climate controlled, however, I also know that if a system is planned out properly, a constant temperature can be maintained throughout the entire store. The large commercial units that are seen hanging from the ceiling ought to be checked by a heating and cooling specialist to make sure they are regulated properly. The HVAC units could then work in unison to provide the same comfort levels of cooling and heating the store needs.  It may be that the store does not have the proper control units in place to handle the job either. Even if there are separate zones that need to be set to various temperatures, a well working, programmable thermostat could handle these changes with ease. It seems only logical that less stress on the system would lessen repairs to the system and require less attention from managements as well. It only seems logical that this would save a significant amount of money on energy bills, man hours, and the bottom line. Not ot mention the fact that customers within the store would be much happier.

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