My husband and I can’t stop laughing

My husband Bob and I decided that for the first time ever, we were going to try to save some cash by using some energy savings tips regarding our heating and cooling system, and we’ve been trying to stick to a strict budget lately because we wanted to pay off some bills as well as save some cash. Bob called our local HVAC contractor that was located just across town and made an appointment for them to send an HVAC contractor out to perform the air conditioning maintenance and repair check.When the contractor got to our house, I asked him exactly what he would be doing. I wanted to make sure that Bob and I got our money’s worth, since we were trying to be on a strict budget. Then the contractor was undoubtedly forthcoming about what he was working on, as well as he even gave us a checklist so I would know what he was doing. He turned off the air conditioning component by using the thermostat, then he shut off all of the electricity to the air handler for safety purposes. Then, he removed the evaporator coil access panel and blew some compressed air over all of the coils in order to scrub them from all the dust as well as debris. I couldn’t imagine how dusty and dirty the HVAC component was! He then cleaned everything with a soft brush that he had in his tool kit as well as told us that this kind of cleaning should be done every few months or so in order for us to have optimal performance out of our HVAC system. We took notes as well as after the next months passed, we are going to try to do the HVAC cleaning and maintenance ourselves to save even more money!

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