Parents need the newer thermostat

My parents moved into a small cottage in our backyard last month. I am not thrilled about the idea, but I didn’t have the heart to put them into a new home at their age. They weren’t super old, but they were having troubles living alone. Having them live on our property was a lot safer. I did not realize all of the costs that would be involved. We had not used the cottage much, so we didn’t see the increase in our utility bill coming, we were blown away at how much it cost. Taking into account that my parents lived there full time, the bill still seemed higher than it should be.  I asked my Dad about it, but he said he used the thermostat the normal amount and tried to turn off lights when they weren’t being used. I knew we needed to do something about the added heating and cooling cost. My wife took my parents to lunch the other day, and when they were gone, I brought in an HVAC worker. She looked over the system and in the end she recommended we install the Smart App for the thermostat. She said that it could be controlled by my cell phone and I could monitor the usage on a twenty four hour basis. And, in the worst case scenario, I could make adjustments to the thermostat from the house.  I felt terrible spying on my parents, but I had to find out what was happening. I watched for one month and saw how they would leave the temperature at the same setting even when they weren’t home. I couldn’t get over how much they used both the heat and the air conditioning. I started to adjust the temperature from my phone. They never figured it out, thankfully, and I got our utility bill back down!

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