I didn’t find anything wrong

Isn’t it insane how when one thing goes wrong, they all seem to go wrong? This is what happened a few years back with my air conditioner during a hot Summer! It was so hot that all I wanted to do was rest in my home with the window air conditioning system running full blast with the air vents blowing right in my face! Well, of course, when I went to do that, my air conditioner just wouldn’t start. I was so sad and overheated that I nearly started crying. I started wondering what the problem was, since the air conditioning system was fairly new. I wondered if there was a defective wire anywhere or if maybe a breaker had flipped. I started to check out the air conditioning unit, although I couldn’t seem to find anything wrong with it, and before I gave up plus called an HVAC professional to come check it out for me, I happened to think that there might be one more thing that could be the problem. It wasn’t getting power. I had the iphone in my hand to call the HVAC company down the street when I thought of one more thing: the power cord. It turns out that the power cord had come unplugged from the wall and that’s why the air conditioning system wouldn’t work!

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