I am in charge of HVAC maintenance

My favorite venue to get away to is our family’s lodge in the mountains. You see, a few years ago, my brothers and I all went in on the lodge because we desired a venue to use throughout the year as an escape. When we all bought it, we divided up the price between us. Plus, we all signed up for various maintenance and repair tasks so that we could keep it in fantastic shape. The one thing that I’m responsible for is taking care of the HVAC unit. I need to make sure that the air filters are changed correctly and that the coils get cleaned. On top of that, I schedule a routine repair visit with an HVAC professional once a year so that she can make sure everything is in fantastic shape. I’ve learned that it’s smartwise to do this so that any small troubles can be weeded out before they get worse. So far, fortunately, I haven’t had to deal with any unexpected a/c troubles. Which is a great thing because we use the lodge pretty frequently. It’s several hours away from the city where we all live. Usually we alternate who is going up there with their children. Occasionally, my brothers and I will plan a weekend where we are all there together in order to spend time together and catch up. I don’t at all mind assuming the task of maintaining the a/c system because it’s something I’m comfortable handling, plus I know how vital it is. Having it stay in fantastic shape is very important to making sure that we are all able to fully enjoy our time at the lodge!

a/c worker

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