Furnace error

This past winter my partner and I ended up with a furnace emergency. Now, if you’ve never had a furnace emergency, then you probably don’t realize what a large problem it can be, especially if you live in the northern section of the country like we do. It routinely drops below freezing up here, so if your furnace isn’t working, you could freeze to death in your house! As we quickly learned, space heaters and kerosene heaters really don’t cut it when you’re attempting to heat an entire house! You have to have a furnace that is in working order! That’s why this fall, my partner and I decided to have a heating preventative maintenance safety check done on our furnace system before the temperatures got freezing outside! When the HVAC serviceman came out to the house, she explained that the gas furnace tune-up plus safety check would include cleaning the burners, cleaning our pilot light, checking our heat exchanger, checking our main gas valve, decreasing our burner plus pilot light, decreasing our blower belt (and replacing it if necessary), checking plus decreasing our furnace controls, checking our temperature control, checking our safety pilot operation, and last but not least, checking our oil blower. When the HVAC serviceman finished listing all of the things she was going to check for us, I felt a lot like giving her a big hug! No way were we going to end up freezing in our home this year during the winter! From now on, I plan to schedule a heating preventative maintenance safety check each year in the fall.

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