I love this A/C

My wife and I live in the southwest, where we are lucky to experience all four of the seasons. Spring and fall are my favorite, because I love to walk around in jeans and a t-shirt. The winter season can be quite cold at times, but we hardly ever have snow on the ground too long. The summer months can be warm at times, but we have been able to survive without an air conditioner. As of late, it seems like the summer seasons are getting hotter and hotter year after year. I’m sure this is as a result of global warming, and our summers are starting to feel excruciating. My wife and I were discussing purchasing an air conditioner come June. To date, we have never had the necessity for an air conditioner at all. The normal summer temperatures are in the 80s, but the humidity levels are rather low. We have been able to get away with using fans and other traditional oscillating electric fans. Now that the heat is becoming immense every summer, my wife and I are considering purchasing an air conditioning system. We think about having one air conditioner for the bedroom, but I think that I want to have an air conditioner for any living area also. I don’t believe we require a central air cooling system, but a window air conditioning unit might be just what we are looking for right now. They can be inexpensive and really easy to install. If we discover a window air conditioner with a good rating, then we will almost certainly see no raise in our monthly utility bills.

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