Don’t mess with our HVAC

The other afternoon, I was hanging out at my friend’s house. Well, the two of us were just playing some video games and eating some popcorn when the cooling system broke down. My friend was trying to figure out what to do. But no matter how much she worked on the control unit or messed around with it, she couldn’t get the cooling system to turn back on. She even decided to check the HVAC unit as well as the outdoor condenser unit. She didn’t really know what she should do. Well, I recommended that she call an HVAC supplier. She didn’t want to do that, though, because it would cost too much for the service call. So instead she started browsing the internet looking for DIY repair videos for HVAC systems. Most of the videos seem incredibly complicated. I told my neighbor there’s a reason the professionals attend school to learn this trade. But she thought she could still repair it all by herself. She grabbed some tools and went to work on the HVAC unit. I told her, of course, that this was an awful idea but honestly, she just wouldn’t listen to me! When she was taking the HVAC unit apart, there were sparks all of a sudden and the electricity in the house went out completely. I told my friend then, that is why you have to call the professionals! I found the number for an electrician as well as an HVAC supplier, then handed him the phone! She knew at that point that she had no option really aside from calling the professionals to repair this mess! The electrician had the power restored in no time, fortunately. And the HVAC professional said that my friend shouldn’t have messed with the HVAC unit.

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