needed the HVAC company to help

My sibling was experiencing complications with her HVAC plan a few years ago. So she called an HVAC company for help. When the HVAC specialist reached her door, he started working on her HVAC plan with no complications. She got everything fixed but when she asked him what it would cost her, the specialist smiled and said it wouldn’t cost her a dime; it was on him. She was so shocked that she blushed. Well, he gave her his cell phone number and invited her to call him if she ever needed help with her HVAC plan again! That gentleman left a dramatic impression on her and he was all she ever talked about for the longest time. She even tried doing dumb things to her HVAC equipment to have a reason to call that HVAC specialist over to her house. She took out the air filter once then pretended as if she didn’t know what was wrong. And once she even put several dead batteries into the thermostat. Well, he helped her out on so many occasions that one time she asked him why he was so nice to her. He responded that he hoped she would fall for him. Then he asked her out for dinner, and of course she said yes. The man is a real gentleman and is good to my sibling to boot. She has gone her whole life trying to find a nice man like him, and finally he came into her life. I’ve always thought it was a truly romantic story of how they got together. I genuinely love the guy, as does the whole family.

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