Graduating from a high school

The International Energy Agency reports show that over the next forty years, global demand for air conditioning is expected to quadruple. This research indicates that the pursuit for energy-efficient cooling is a top priority.  Over a million buildings around the world currently have an air conditioner, with that number growing to over 5 million buildings using AC by 2050. The science community has hypothesized that the numbers amount to twelve current air conditioners sold every twenty minutes for the next 30 years. I’m just graduating, so this type of information is the exact reason why I’m going to a technical university to learn all about HVAC technology. I want a career that will keep me working and financially secure. Let’s face it, everyone wants  working air conditioner . I’ve already a few things about AC, but I need to get the formal training certification to be fully licensed. I know that is the key to success in the HVAC industry. Most people prefer that their air conditioner system be diagnosed by a certified HVAC business, with that certification. I can move up in the HVAC industry to supervisory positions, cost estimator, or maybe even installing the AC systems. With the need for good HVAC technicians growing, it only makes sense for me to learn as much about the industry as I possibly can.

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