Improving the HVAC in the houses

My best buddy, Todd and I loved to watch home improvement shows on cable. We would always comment on how we were more than capable of doing that house flipping that was so popular in those shows.  So after many years of saying we should do it, we finally did! We kept track of the neighborhood auctions of delinquent tax seized homes and started to go to the auctions. Finally, a nice house came up that me and Todd thought would make a good flip and we bought it!  We had both used our savings to pay for the home, but we felt good about the risk. After the house was bought, Winter was approaching. We knew that renovating that house in the cold wouldn’t be easy. Tod decided to prioritize renovating the HVAC system. I thought that was a good idea so I called the technician who works on the heating and air in my own home. The serviceman arrived promptly and got to work. It turns out that the furnace needed some tuning up and the air ducts needed cleaning out.  It didn’t cost much and we knew the comfort provided by the cleaned and efficient HVAC system would be a good selling point.Me and Todd figured out pretty quickly that those home improvement shows that made house flipping look so easy where deceptive. It was a lot of work! This first house flipping experience taught us a lot, and after 10 houses renovated and sold for a profit, me and Todd know the importance of getting that HVAC system maintenanced early on on in the flip.

HVAC service

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