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As a local contractor in a small city, the time has finally come for the building of micro-apartments.  I’m seeing them more & more as people become aware of them. Much smaller and really more affordable residing spaces are becoming more popular due to their price & convenient location.  However, making these smaller residing areas more comfortable & of course, functional requires some creativity to fit everything in its’ locale. I’m currently renovating an attic to be the residing quarters of a young, newly married couple.  My plans call for everything to be tucked away, a pull-out bed, many other hidden features that make the section livable, & now it’s time to add the heating & cooling equipment for the mini-apartment. This section is perfect for the ductless mini-split system.  The technology of the mini-split HVAC equipment is perfect for small, renovated spaces. No air duct is needed, & they really don’t have room for HVAC ducts anyway. Whereas traditional heat pumps & central air force cooled & heated air through ducts, instead, ductless systems send the air directly into certain spaces, such as this new attic section I’m building out.  The ductless mini-split air condition system, occasionally called multi or split systems are comprised of a small outdoor equipment, and a small indoor thermostat that require a few pieces of hardware, and access to electricity. That is why when I have a renovation work, I always use the ductless mini-split because that type of HVAC technology is perfect for small, renovations or add-ons.

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