I’m trying to survive

My brother, Dalla, and I are serious hikers and survivalists. We spend all of our vacation time hiking and surviving in the wild. We’ve gone in the dead of winter, when there’s no heat, using our ingenuity to stay warm, and in rainy seasons, using the rain as our water source, while trying to stay dry. Bringing heaters or staying in a hotel room is cheating; all we bring are a tent, sleeping bag and a knife, flint, hunting gear, and emergency food and water. We love everything about this!

Most recently, though, we mixed things up, and picked a location a lot more like a jungle. Dallas and I have been in water, wind and snow, but we’ve never had to deal with blistering heat! It was intolerable! The wildlife was odd, and the water, food and sun were difficult to handle. We don’t live in a place where air conditioning is necessary, so going to a place where you’d need it was strange for us. We spent most of our trip in the natural springs, trying to find shade. I would never have considered air conditioning as necessary for your health as heat, but it is. We’ve decided not to take any more trips like this.

dykstra heat and AC 

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