Each ride needs a/c

One of our family’s favorite hobbies to do is to try out amusement parks. Roller coasters are wonderful! I care about the excitement of the ride. Just waiting in line for a ride gets our heart beating! Every summer, the people I was with and I try to see as many amusement parks as we can. However last summer, the people I was with and I vistriedited over fifteen different amusement parks all within many hundred miles from our abode. Not only are the rides wonderful; however, the food is out of this world, and I usually end up wasting over $200 each time the people I was with and I try a park. There is just something about the food that I can’t seem to buy enough of. In our opinion, the only disadvantage to amusement parks is the warmth. When our family goes to an amusement park, the people I was with and I are gonna get a least a whole day of fun out of it, which means the people I was with and I are at the park from the moment it opens to the the moment that it closes. This means the people I was with and I are there during the warmest area of the day. I wish they could purchase an A/C component for each ride. It would be so much more relaxing if it wasn’t so warm. I know it’s honestly not feasible to have A/C at each ride, although I really wish it were. Because it gets so warm in the day, our sibling in addition to I usually attempt to find a nice air conditioned building in addition to relax in there for a couple hours. It is definitely nice to relax for a bit. The two of us spend most of the day munching down our favorite foods in addition to drinks in preparation for the long night of enjoyment. All things considered, I’d say the people I was with and I get the ideal part of both worlds.

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