Getting the furnace back to work

We heat our home with a forced air oil furnace.  The oil furnace is equipped with a duct system, which pushes heated air to the multiple rooms of the house.  There are a series of vents situated in the rooms that supply fresh, hot air and draw out used, cold air. I am convinced that the better part of my heat lifts straight up to the roof, where it does no help whatsoever.  If I run up on a ladder, I can feel the temperature is significantly higher. I am not at all happy with this sort of oil furnace. I feel it is certainly not efficient, costing us so much more than necessary to obtain a comfortable home.  The duct plan is locked in the walls, ceilings and crawl areas. It is about impossible to access and check. I have zero way of knowing if the duct tape around the connections needs to be upgraded, and if there are small tears or imperfections throughout the system.  The common duct system wastes nearly thirty percent of warmed air due to waste. That’s a tremendous total of energy loss, adding up to much more expense. Plus, this loss of hot air forces the oil furnace to work a lot more to achieve a livable indoor temperature. If there is any detritus, bacteria, pollen, or junk inside the duct system, they get transfered right along the heated air and introduced into every area in the house.  I’ve noticed a whopping deal more dust on stuff whenever the furnace is pumping. I’m forced to clean, dust, and work on the curtains more frequently while the Winter season is upon us. My family is breathing in this junk, which places their health at risk. I would much prefer to tear out the complete forced air oil system and replace it with a boiler plus radiant flooring. Regrettably, such an immense and challenging project is so not cost-effective, so I am just stuck with the dang furnace.

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