I refuse to go away

I have had complications with a skin disease known as psoriasis for the last fifteen years.  The condition blossomed quite abruptly on my knees as well as elbows, and for a long time, I didn’t know what it was.  I just thought that it was a bit of dry patch so I tried moisturizing. When the symptoms erupted then refused to go away, I finally had it looked at by a doctor.  I was not ecstatic to learn that there is not a known cause or cure concerning psoriasis. Since then, I’ve gotten all sorts of prescriptions, over-the-counter cures as well as holistic remedies to treat it.  Even if something wants to initially help, it doesn’t go for long. I’ve figured out that this dry air in the Winter period aggravates the skin. My psoriasis becomes especially inflamed, scaly, cracked as well as itchy.  It is not just painful and uncomfortable, but is embarrassing. Because I live in the eastern area of the US, I’m exposed to overly dry cold air for approximately 60 percent of the year. It’s necessary to run the gas heater but this adds to the problem.  After some research, I finally spent on a whole home humidifier. The humidifier integrated directly into the existing gas furnace as well as working in partnership to introduce necessary moisture. It operates without sound, doesn’t need much upkeep, however effectively maintains consistent humidity levels.  The air in the abode feels much cozier as well as more comfortable, giving myself and others the opportunity to lower the temperature control by a few degrees. I’m saving money, every week, on my energy bills, as well there is reduced strain on the gas furnace. While the right humidity levels hasn’t stopped my psoriasis, it has truly reduced the severity of it.  

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