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I’ve been a private school gymnastics coach for the past many years.  Due to serious weather and safety concerns, our group most often practices in the school’s gymnasium. We utilize the even surface of the gym floor for gymnastics mats to ensure structure and better protect the group in the event of a miss.  The gym is terrific during the Winter season, because it’s really well lit, large and heated. With outdoors rapidly increasing temperatures will then drop well below frozen with feet of snow on the ground, the heating program is a must. During the summer season, however, the girls don’t have access to a/c.  The group keeps the gym door wide open then occasionally set up big fans, which provides so very little relief. The inside temp of the gymnasium mostly climbs into the high nineties, while the air is horribly moist. The group drip with sweat plus need to frequently drink water. Since the summer season is short, when school is not in session, I don’t see there is any need to invest in a HVAC program for the gym.  The athletes involved in school sports activities understand that heat & humidity is unavoidable. The football, baseball and softball kids practice outside, in harsh sunlight, for hour after hour. I recently understood that the school was researching getting a/c for the auditorium. Apparently, the thespians practices on the stage for the summer season. There are about twenty men in the thespian club. This doesn’t even account for the number of students being involved in athletic activities.  I can’t grasp why the school would throw away tax dollars for some upgrade of a cooling program for an empty auditorium.

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